Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I measure to determine what size half chaps I need?
To determine what size half chaps would best fit you, make sure that you are wearing the pants that you normally ride in. It is also helpful to have someone do the measuring for you. For the width measurement, use a soft tape measure and measure around the widest part of the calf over clothing. For the height, stand in bare feet and bend at the knee slightly, measure from the crook of the knee to the floor.

2. Can I have more than one line of text engraved on a plate?
Most plates can handle up to two lines of text, with the exception of our stall plates, item numbers 2034, 2044, 2035 and 2033. These items can accommodate three lines of text. Please keep in mind, the more lines of text, the smaller each character will be. We recommend choosing either Block Capitals or Roman Capitals typestyles for one, or more of the lines.

3. How many letters, per line will look best on an engraved plate?
We like to keep engraving limited to about 18 characters per line. The more characters, the smaller the letters become. If you have a high amount of characters we recommend choosing either Block Capitals or Roman Capitals typestyles.

4. How do I properly measure for a dog collar?
To properly measure for our dog collars, use a soft measuring tape and gently wrap it around your dog’s neck. Adjust so that the tape measurer is as snug as your dog would wear their collar, remembering that long hair dogs often have a little extra wiggle room because of their coat. We do recommend that if your dog measures right between sizes, to order the size smaller.

5. Can a special order a color combination that I do not see on the website?
In order to give our customers the best prices possible, we unfortunately do not offer custom color combinations. The cost to set up, custom cut, and produce a single custom item is extremely high and inefficient. However, feel free to e-mail us at info@perrisleather.com . If there is enough demand for a certain color combination we will consider adding it.

6. Can you ship over seas?
Yes we can! Right now our website is not set up to handle over seas orders so please e-mail us at info@perrisleather.com with your name, the product(s) you are interested in and your address. We will respond with your merchandise total and a shipping quote. Once you approve the total, we will contact you for your payment information.

7. I ordered the wrong size, how can I exchange it?
If the product is not custom engraved, no problem! There are no re-stocking fees, you only need to pay for the shipping. Just call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-537-4901, and we will be happy to walk you through the exchange process. If the item is engraved, we do not offer returns or exchanges on these products. If you have any questions on sizing, please contact customer service at the above number before ordering.

8. Do you do leather repair work or make custom pieces?
Unfortunately, due to product production volume, we cannot offer leather repair or custom leather work. This also helps keep our affordable prices that we extend to our customers.

9. I purchased an item a few years ago, now I want a replacement, but I do not see it any more on your website, how do I find it?
Here at Perri’s Leather we are always looking to bring our customers new and exciting products. Unfortunately, when we bring in items, we must discontinue something else. You can always contact our customer service team at info@perrisleather.com to see if they may be able to suggest a product that could work for you.

10. I am looking for one of your products, how do I find a local retailer that carries it?

11. I see that there are measurements for the size of each halter, where are these measurements taken?

12. What is your return policy?


13. An item I ordered is on backorder, now what?