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About UsOur Foundation

Originally founded in 2000, Perri's Leather was based on a sincere desire to create a company that provided equestrian products that were a great value to both the retailer and the consumer. Recognizing a need within the marketplace to produce quality leather goods, (halters, bridles and training equipment,) the foundation of our company was laid.

Perri's Leather, from its inception, specialized in (1) carrying a broad product line of staple items retailers must have in stock, (2) personalized service and (3) prompt delivery of orders. These are the cornerstones of our company. Today Perri's is proud to be carried by over 850 retail stores in the United States as well as Canada.

Our Passion and Purpose

We are passionate about our vision to create a company that gives back to our industry while producing products that offer unique added value for the consumer. We are driven to create a company that helps to revolutionize our industry from within. Our dream is to reach out to all members of our traditionally conservative-minded industry, from the manufacturer to the retail customer and provide benefit to everyone who touches the product along the way. The result is a win win situation for everyone.

Our Breakthrough Ideas

1. CREATE PRODUCT LINES THAT PROMOTE VIRTUE, EMPOWERMENT AND LEADERSHIP. We are excited to be in the process of developing some creative new product lines that will offer added value to the lives of those who purchase them. It is our goal, that in time, these product lines will eventually be associated with positive character attributes and empowerment.

2. CREATE A COMPANY THAT NURTURES OUR TEAM MEMBERS. We succeed together. At the core of who we are are our people. Energizing our core team members is critical to our success. We strive to create an environment that supports our members both as individuals and as an integral part of our team.


All of us at Perri’s are pleased to introduce our New Website!
Each year, as our company grows, we continue our focus on offering exceptional quality products at a great value. We take pride in developing a brand name that you can trust! It is our mission to provide top quality products, as well as great customer service and support to our equestrian community. We are able to do this because, we at Perri’s, are equine enthusiasts with many years in the saddle. Our combined experience is a great asset for developing products you can count on! We are proud National Sponsors of the IHSA, IDA and many other local organizations.

Pony Palooza... We are excited to be offering a new Pony Palooza collection for our young riders! We think it is very important to support our kids in their equestrian activities.

Going Green… Perri’s is taking its first step towards being more environmentally aware by using Eco-friendly paper and inks to produce our new catalog. We have also instituted a full recycling program in our warehouse and offices to help reduce waste.

Made in the USA… In an effort to support American industry, we are focusing on providing products that are made in the USA. Many of our products are locally made by Amish craftsmen and we will continue to grow this product line year after year.

We are committed to offering great quality products and encourage you to enjoy the new website and shop a brand you can trust!