About Us

About Us

Our Foundation

Originally founded in 2000, Perri's Leather was built on a sincere desire to create a company that provided equestrian products that were a great value to both the retailer and the consumer. Recognizing a need within the marketplace to produce quality leather goods, the foundation of our company was laid. Today Perri's is proud to be carried by over 850 retail stores across the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia and Japan.


The Perri’s Team is pleased to introduce our New Website! Each year, as our company grows, we continue our focus on offering exceptional quality products along with outstanding customer care and support to our equestrian community. We take pride in developing a brand name that you can trust! We are able to do this because, we at Perri’s, are equine enthusiasts with many years in the saddle. Our combined experience is a great asset for developing products you can count on!

Our Passion and Purpose


To be the industry leader in supporting a happy and healthy relationship between pets and their owners by providing top quality products and handcrafted leather goods. 


By pairing superior craftsmanship along with the finest materials, keeping comfort, beauty and durability in mind, Perri’s Leather provides not only exceptional quality products, but also a level of customer care that exceeds all expectations.


We at Perri’s are just as passionate about their four legged families as you are! That passion drives us to continuously develop new, creative lines, with emphasis on quality, comfort, beauty and durability. Additionally, Perri’s Leather also feels that giving back to our community and youth is an important part in nurturing the next generation of passionate and responsible animal enthusiasts.


The Perri’s Family, which includes our employees, vendors, store owners and end users all share the same beliefs of: dependability, quality, value, fellowship, integrity and accountability.

DEPENDABILITY: Reliably deliver top quality products, promptly and accurately with a level of care that customers can count on.

QUALITY: Provide excellent customer service and products that outperform and outlast all customer expectations.

VALUE: Supply quality products with a level of care, which excites and impresses our customers enough to recommend Perri’s to their own family and friends.

FELLOWSHIP: Animal enthusiasts and pet lovers are a global community. We believe it is our responsibility to support this community and help it grow from within.

INTEGRITY: When choosing Perri’s, customers can rely on outstanding product performance and an exceptional focus on customer care. To help insure this, we partner with authorized Perri’s distributors around the world who we believe maintain a shared value system.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are responsible to uphold these values to our community, vendors, store owners, end users and ourselves.

One Step Further

Supporting our Community…Perri’s is proud to be a National Sponsor of the IHSA, IDA, APHA, AjPHA and many other local organizations.

Going Green… Perri’s is taking its first step towards being more environmentally aware by using Eco-friendly paper and inks to produce our new catalog. On top of that, Perri’s Leather Halters are also hand crafted using top quality Wickett & Craig Leather. Why is Wickett & Craig superior to other leather? They use a vegetable tanning process which they have taken over 150 years to perfect. This process is both all-natural and eco-friendly, resulting in exceptionally soft, yet durable leather with rich patinas that only better with age.

Made in the USA… In an effort to support the American economy, many of our products are hand made in America, by Amish craftsmen. Each cut, stitch and finishing touch is completed by the hands of a small number of these local Amish leather workers.